Sunday, August 3, 2014

Your Child is Your World

The first place where a child tries to find out a solution of a problem is home and the first person he/she looks out for to discuss about that problem is his/ her mother. It is worth to always respect that aspect of your child and pay back the dividend of that trust in you by providing the best of the advice to your child.

Importantly it is not necessary that your child will accept your suggestion, solution, advice or command in first go, as he/ she might have his/ her own point of view on the same. Remember that it is always good to pay ample attention to what he/ she has in his/ her mind. A child’s mind is very sharp and is like a blank canvas in the beginning. He/ she will very quickly grab if you are ignoring what is being said or are not paying enough attention.

Take care of your child on all fronts. After all he/ she is your world and you are his/ her.

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