Saturday, September 27, 2014

Matrikas: A Unique Artistic Mindful Energetic Range of Stationery Products From SFA Print

SFA is Srinivas Fine Arts and thus the name SFA Print (Private) Ltd, engaged in a fabulous range of stationery products in a unique, classical, and state of the art style. It is an innovative approach to make the stationery as a lively entity rather than just a product to cater to your specific needs. A product becomes lively when you feel like getting some energy from it, even if it is not a living entity. That is what each of the product from SFA print under the brand Matrikas provides.

Matrikas (visit their fabulous and lively facebook page here) is derived from the ancient language of India - Sanskrit, where it means 'Mother'. The word Mother to me is a selfless giving. Mother is a symbol of extraordinary energy and power. The tag line of Matrikas is 'Scribble Your Heart Away ...' And so it inspires to do when you have any of the journal, notebook or a cube works in your hand.  Chanakya Journal is one of the theme product in the journal range. There is a long range of idols in the journal theme series viz. Chanakya (as already mentioned), Mother Teresa, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, 

Its beautiful and elegant design is extremely soothing. The special velvet touch glossy cover gives you a good feeling all the time you touch it, use it or carry it. Its hard bound cover provides extra protection and safety and ensures long lasting bonding with you to keep it in your collection, to use it and to enjoy it. The foil stamped special effect gives you embossed and carved impact. The inside pages are two colored and based on the theme you picked, it provides you with the quotes by that personality, one unique on every page.

A short biography of the personality chosen on the initial pages of the journal provides you with insight of the idol chosen. The size of the journal is 172 mm x 240 mm. There are 224 smooth and high quality pages in each journal. It has four sections - Important Notes, Your Action Plan, Organize Your Schedule, and Optimize your lists. Quite a handy and important stuff. There is another range of Journals - "Born To Live" where the theme is birds and animals.

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